In a “free solo climb”, an adrenaline junkie scaled a 120-metre skyscraper in Mexico City without the use of a support harness or any other safety gear. A video posted on YouTube (above) shows 23-year-old Pavel Gogulan climbing the building with remarkable skill. He shot the video on an action camera so as to show the climb from his point of view.

A few seconds into the video, he takes a quick break outside a window a few floors above the ground. He waves to people watching him from down below, while those inside the skyscraper busily take selfies as the “real-life Spiderman” climbs past the glass windows.

When he reaches the top of the building, his welcome party consists of the city police and curious onlookers. They put him in handcuffs and take him into custody. He was later released as his actions are not considered punishable in Mexico.

Last year, Gogulan made news when he got arrested in New York for reckless endangerment and criminal trespassing. He also pulled a similar stunt in Moscow in June this year.

#rooftop #ruhomeless #newyork #manhattan #rooftop_prj То самое чувство, когда по пути к зданию суда на Манхетенне ( кто помнит, мне дали тикет и запрет на вход в один из небоскрёбов) ты получаешь попутно штраф в 100$ за безбилетный проезд, и придя тебе говорят: " Ваше дело закрыто, в связи с недостатком доказательств " , а я такую речь придумал для судьи ...эхх, начинается проявляться любовь к законодательству Соединённых Штатов Америки!)

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