“That’s why the Snapdeal merger failed bro. Investors believed in value-add more than synergies and all that,” says a young man smugly into his phone, while sitting alone at a bar, nursing a drink. That’s all it takes for Sherlokh Shetty to figure out that the man’s father paid for his MBA degree.

In a new comedy sketch (above), NRI comedian Sanjay Manaktala plays a desi avatar of who else but Sherlock Holmes, who deduces desi behaviour using desi observations. How did he know about the daddy-sponsored MBA? “I didn’t know...I saw,” Shetty tells the befuddled man before he launches into his tirade of deductions, much like the protagonist in BBC’s hit series Sherlock, where the sleuth is played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Every inch of his subject – right down to his shoes – and his surroundings, present Sherlokh with a clue. The bar, the phone conversation, his choice of drink (Old Monk+Coke) – is all incriminating evidence. The suspense lasts all of one and a half minutes. That’s some quick detective work.