Ivo Segovic is a Croatian winemaker and scuba diver. Passionate about both, he found a way to combine his interests – by setting up Edivo Vina, an underwater winery.

What does a underwater winery do that a regular one can’t? Segovic discovered that the darkness of the seabed, as well as the consistency of the temperature down there made it perfect for maturing wine.

He then revived the ancient Greek practice of storing wine in clay pots called amphorae, which are sealed with wax to keep out sea water. Edivo Vina, which at first glance looks nothing like a typical wine cellar, is located 20 metres under the sea.

The red wine is stored in cages and matured there for around two years, after which it is brought out of the sea and sold at a restaurant nearby at about £270 per bottle. Buyers are paying the price for a unique taste developed under the sea, which is supposedly very different from wine aged in regular cellars. Many describe it as having a “pinewood aroma”.