You’re trapped for one night in a city that has been quarantined for a deadly virus, one that turns people into zombies. This isn’t just a video game or an episode of The Walking Dead – it is actually a live-action role-playing game called “Survival Zombie”, conceived by Diego de la Concepcion, the founder of World Real Games.

Started in 2012 in Collado Villalba, the game seems to have travelled to many cities in Spain. Thousands of Spaniards have signed up to play a role in this zombie apocalypse fantasy and face some “real adventure” overnight, from 11 pm to 7 am. Navalcarnero in Spain is the latest place to have signed up to live this alternate reality for a night, and turn into a “zombie town”.

“Basically it lets you escape reality. Your adrenaline is’s like escaping the real world. I think that’s the reason it’s addictive, because you can be someone else for a few hours,” said Ittara Sieira, a participant in the game (above).

The objective: to run for your life and survive till sunrise by completing 10-15 missions in the process. A record of sorts was broken this year on May 13, when more than 4000 participants and 300 actors came together to play the game in Getafe. Here’s an official view: