Being a father to teenage girls comes with its share of problems. And comedian Atul Khatri’s life is no different. “A few months back something terrible happened, which I want to share with you,” he begins. And reveals, with utmost shame: “Please don’t judge me, but I went for a Justin Bieber concert.”

Everything from the ticket prices, ranging from Rs 5,000 to “Rs 75,000 and Kidney” to his daughters wanting to prepare for the concert by “shopping at H&M and Zara” conspired to make him detest it, but he gave in to his daughters’ whims and fancies.

If that wasn’t enough, Khatri was made to arrive at the concert venue hours in advance, and made to pay for overpriced food and water bottles. Justin Bieber’s bad lip-syncing was the least of his worries, he declared.