Introverts unite. You no longer have to dread parties where too many people are in your face making small talk. A new video game, designed by Will Herring, will rescue you.

“Pet the Pup at the Party” is made specifically for those who suffer from social anxiety. The objective of the video game is to pet as many dogs as you can find in two minutes, while you ignore and avoid conversation with others at a party. It’s really just as easy as it sounds, and it’s available free (or pay what you want).

The entire game runs in first-person perspective, and it takes you through door after door of party-goers socialising, nibbling pizza, smoking and drinking, or just staring at you. Each dog you find gives you extra time, and you can unlock upto 52 in the “good dog gallery”.

At the end of the game, you get a tally of how you did, with an epilogue of what you did after you went home. For example. “You pet 2 pups, explored 17 rooms, and talked to 2 people at the party! Then you went home and looked at funny cat pictures on the internet (heck yeah)” or “Then you went home and read internet conspiracy theories until you fell asleep” or “listened to 20 episodes of your favourite podcast.” Now that sounds like a real party.