There can never be enough cars, and buses complete with their carbon footprint, for everyone who lives in a city.

A Russian company, Dahir Insaat – also responsible for folding transformer houses – has proposed a radical new solution to our transportation problem.

It suggests that the future lies in gyroscopic transportation (video above). The model involves utilisation of the medians and multi-level transport by using gyroscopic vehicles that can travel over conventional traffic.

The design seems deceptively simple when one looks at it – the vehicles run on a gyroscopic system, which holds the futuristic vehicles upright on narrow stalks that run between lanes of traffic. The vehicles are powered by two primary generators as well as a backup to ensure that they don’t keel over. The plan even proposes a method for fire trucks and ambulances to respond more efficiently.

Dahir Semenov, the engineer behind the idea, has been working on the concept for two years. He wrote in the YouTube description, “I do not have the slightest doubt that this mode of transportation will supersede buses, trams, and trolleybuses in the cities of the future... I can say without exaggeration that this mode of transportation is compatible with the human habitat, with the spaces in which city dwellers recreate... After all, it is absolutely safe in both ecological and physical terms.”

He also added that the transportation system is friendly, and cannot cause any injuries.

So far, though, the plan only exists online.