For many Indians, a holiday on a Friday means only one thing – a long weekend away from work. In 2017, Ganapati celebrations – held to observe the birth of the Hindu god Ganesha – have given us this extra-special gift.

So, “shall we give it up for Lord Ganesha?” asks stand-up comedian Alexander (after, of course, the play-it-safe disclaimer). His key finding: Ganesh is like an IT Engineer. Always with a mouse in front of him, sedentary and knowledgable.

“His job is to remove obstacles, fix defects and all that - a support engineer, basically.”

Alexander goes on to talk about how Ganesha was created by Parvati to guard her house while she bathed. And how, in his innocence and mindful devotion of his creator (and mother), he forbade Shiva from entering the house.

PS: There is also an interesting comparison between Indra and the US government.