A new web series called The Fiona Show will have a star like no other. Say hello to Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s popular baby hippo, Fiona, whose remarkable story will feature in the video series starting Tuesday, August 29. The zoo recently shared a trailer (above) of the series that will air on Watch, Facebook’s new platform for videos.

“We’ve been posting daily updates since she was born seven months ago. The episodic show format has given us an opportunity to dig deeper into the story of her premature birth and fight to survive,” said Amy Labarbara, Cincinnati Zoo’s marketing coordinator and co-producer of The Fiona Show.

Fiona overcame early health scares with the care and support of the zoo staff and experts, and now weighs more than 200 kilograms. The first episode of The Fiona Show will include interviews with the coach who was with Fiona minutes after the premature hippo was born. The zoo also plans to air unreleased footage of Fiona’s birth as the care team sprung into action to nurse her to health. Shot in the style of a documentary feature, the episodes will detail key moments from Fiona’s journey to becoming a healthy, happy hippo.