After a number of musical parodies bashing United States President Donald Trump, satirists are now targeting his daughter Ivanka Trump, who has been strongly criticised for being so supportive of her racist, misogynistic and xenophobic father’s campaign. And after Scarlett Johansson’s Saturday Night Live sketch parodying Ivanka, songwriter Nick Lutsko is next in line.

In a song (above) titled My Father, Lutsko relied on singer Amber Coffman to create American singer-songwriter Lana Del Ray’s signature style of singing, which he then matched with Ivanka’s actual quotes about her father. The dreamy aesthetics and breezy colour palette mime the mise en scène of a typical LDR music video. Accompanied by synthesisers and the trap-influenced beats that we have heard so much of in LDR’s last three albums, Coffman croons:

“My father is the opposite of a man,
It’s almost impossible to love him,
His accomplishments are not who he is
His brilliance is widely being discredited,
His refusal to take no for an answer
Is a massive issue for women.
He is now the fastest growing cancer on a global scale”

In a pitch-perfect Lana Del Rey impression, Coffman sings about Trump being grounded in “tremendous viciousness”. She also describes him as someone “who uses crude language and is very much a groper”.

According to two sources familiar with the situation, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner tried their hardest to convince Coffman not to record the song.