While Americans are busy celebrating their rights to marry anyone, thousands of miles away in Japan, two robots have been declared husband and wife, and that too in an official ceremony where invitation was exclusive to 100 lucky people who paid 10,000 Yen (Rs, 5100) for this privilege.

The wedding between robot groom Frois and robot bride Roborin was organized by Maywa Denki, an art collective conceived by two brothers, Masamichi and Novmichi, according to the company biography, that make nonsense machines and musical instruments.

Roborin, who has a face which resembles closely to a star of the Japanese group AKB48, Yuki Kashiwagi has been invented by Todo Takayuki, where as Frois has been invented by Maywa Denki. Even though this was the first ever wedding of two robots, the ceremony was identical to what humans follow. Yes, that means conclude the vow with a kiss and that’s what the robots did too. Frois extended his spring lips towards Roborin, dressed in white gown and she kissed him, concluding the first ever robot husband and wife. Although there is no evidence whether this wedding has been approved legally, the wedding managed to catch everyone’s attention across the world.