There are few people who have seen Molly Weasley’s magical clock from Harry Potter and hasn’t wished for one of their own. The Muggle world is sadly incapable of that magic – or was, until very recently.

A startup called DC Creatives recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for what they call The Eta Clock. It doesn’t tell the time, but “helps you stay connected to those who matter most”. Each hand of the clock represents a person in your life, while the position corresponds to their location at the time, such as “Home”, “Work”, “Gym”, “School” or even “Transit” if they’re moving at a pace faster than 3 mph, and “Lost” if their location hasn’t been received for longer than five days.

The clock works in conjunction with a mobile app that each person who is part of the community must download, and add their locations on.

The idea, which husband-wife duo Eric and Kristie D’Ambrosio-Correll came up with two years ago, is expected to be in commercial circulation by July 2018 if the Kickstarter campaign reaches its goal – which it nearly has, just a few days into the campaign.