When still a child, Yahya Bootwala was woken up at the crack of dawn by his father one day with the words, “Yahya, I am going to teach you how to ride a cycle today.” A brand-new cycle waited for him outside, but without training wheels. Sensing his apprehension, his father reassured him, “I’m right here, son.”

Years later, Bootwala has captured the experience in a touching poem which he has simply, yet aptly, titled Cycle. He narrates in poetic form his experience of learning how to ride a bicycle, and the important life-lessons that came with it. His father played an important role in the process, as Yahya learnt, “You can fight your fear, but if you do not correct your foolishness, repeating it becomes a habit.”

His engaging poem is made more charming by his delivery. UnErase Poetry posted his performance in Hindi as a tribute to Hindi Diwas.