Carson Wilkinson, the fire chief in the Wisconsin village of Somers in the US, thought he was hallucinating when he spotted a kangaroo on the road in the town of Kenosha. “I saw something brown coming out of a cornfield, and I thought at first that it was a deer, so I slowed down. Then it came out in the road. It stopped right in front of me and looked at me, and it was a kangaroo. I was almost scared to call it in,” he told Kenosha News. When he did call in and report it to the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department, they, too, thought he was going crazy.

But Wilkinson had seen it right. The video (above) shot from his car’s dashcam captured the situation. The fugitive was a five-year-old kangaroo named Joey who had escaped from the petting zoo at Jerry Smith’s Farm. “I actually rolled down the window and whistled to it and it kind came toward me,” said Wilkinson. “Then a lady walked out of the house with her dog and walked up to me and goes, ‘Am I going crazy?’”

The recalcitrant kangaroo, who had taken advantage of an unlocked gate, was eventually caught by Joe Smith, who runs the Jerry Smith Farm.