Nihang warriors, also known as Akali, are a military sect of Sikhism best described as modern-day warriors. “Akali” translates to “immortal” – thus, they form the “Army of the Immortal”.

Barcelona-based director Erik Morales, who is known for his striking monochrome portraits, has applied his art to the formidable Sikh sect in a Nowness film titled Immortals: A Portrait of the Nihang Sikh, warriors in time of peace.

The monochrome film (above) paints the Nihang Warriors in breathtaking visuals, combining Arthurian myth and Sikh legend to “reflect on the past and future of the mystery-shrouded order in context of its historic homeland.” It uses an excerpt from John Steinbeck’s The Acts of King Arthur and his Noble Knights to draw the parallels.