Benedict Cumberbatch is a man of many talents. He’s an outstanding mathematician, a nearly omniscient detective, an inter-galactic villain, and a mystical magician. Now, while – oh, hang on, I apologise, those are simply roles Cumberbatch has played in films as an actor.

However, Cumberbatch is certainly a noteworthy actor, and one must be excused for being unable to discern between role-playing and reality when the star really does perform magic in real life.

That’s right – Doctor Strange doesn’t necessarily exist only on screen. Turns out, some (tiny) portion of him may be incorporated in Cumberbatch himself. How?

Well, he performed a magic trick on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The trick involved a bottle of water – or, as Cumberbatch points out Americans would put it, waater – and a cup. It wasn’t anything like Dr Strange himself might perform – his powers belonged to the mystical realm – but he certainly would be proud.

As many have pointed out, it’s simple physics that Cumberbatch uses to astound his viewers. Who knows, perhaps he did pick up a thing or two while shooting the film.