Singer-songwriter Dot aka Aditi Saigal has spread across the indie music scene like wildfire. It all started for her with her quirky, jazzy track Everybody Dances to Techno from February. Since then, 18-year-old Saigal has built herself up quite the reputation and fan following in India.

Her latest number (above) fits right into the quaint, jazzy sound she has adopted as Dot. And her inspiration is the filmmaker Wes Anderson – as is obvious from the title of the song.

The song evokes images of symmetrically shot, traditional carnivals, tinged with sadness and nostalgia – a running theme in Anderson’s films – yet remaining cheery on the surface. It came out just days before Anderson released the trailer for his new stop-motion film, Isle of Dogs, which has been all the rage on the internet since its release.

Musician duo Parekh and Singh are also known for the Anderson-inspired aesthetics of their music and videos.