Losing the ring with which Seth Dixon was going to propose to his girlfriend Ruth Salas might have been the luckiest thing that could have happened to both of them.

A video (below) of Dixon proposing to Salas went viral after he dropped the ring while proposing to her on a bridge in Kansas City’s Loose Park on September 9. The picture-perfect moment was ruined when, much to the couple’s dismay, the $3,000-ring fell through a crack into the pond.

Yet, thanks to the person who shot the video, the Missouri couple were in for a big surprise. They were flown to Los Angeles under the pretence of an interview with ABC’s 20/20 TV show, and also received an invitation to sit in the audience for Jimmy Kimmel Live!

That night, Kimmel surprised them by showing their video on his show, and inviting them on stage. But that wasn’t all – he had an even bigger surprise, as the video above reveals.

Cynics might say it’s a way to stay ahead in the ratings game. But love conquers all.

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