Bini the bunny is no ordinary five-year-old. The Holland Lop rabbit has achieved what many have tried and failed to accomplish in their lives. The most recent of all of his multiple achievements was making the Guinness World Record for the most number of slam dunks by a rabbit in one minute, with a total of seven slam dunks – a number, some YouTubers joked, that many humans have not achieved in their entire lifetimes.

But being the next basketball sport star is not all that Bini the bunny has in his sights for the future.

The ambitious rabbit, originally from Israel, moved to Hollywood with his owner Shai Asor after realising his multiple talents, which include painting, using vacuum cleaners to clean up after himself (video below), combing hair, and playing arcade games. All this while remaining an adorable ball of fur.

Shai narrates Bini’s story on their Facebook page, where he uploads videos and pictures of Bini, apart from the YouTube channel (both have thousands of subscribers and millions of views). He found the rabbit playing with a ball one day, as if he was dribbling, and dropping it into a cardboard box. Realising his talent, he started to give Bini positive reinforcement, and even bought him a nice hoop and ball, before realising just how much the bunny enjoyed his new-found hobby. Next thing he knew, “Bini the Bunny made a name for himself as the only bunny out there that plays basketball in his free time (besides Bugs Bunny in Spacejam.)”

Shai continues to write, echoing the thoughts of the duo’s audience, “Bini has taught me that if a bunny can be a Picasso/NBA Star, then you can be whatever you put your mind to as long as people believe in you and you believe in yourself.”

Though comparing the bunny to Picasso may be a bit much, he does paint “abstract” art in the most endearing fashion, as you can watch in the video below. Bini’s paintings and art are even sold on his website.

While the inspiration is real, the rabbit’s own antics and talents are so adorable and entertaining, you must watch the videos (below) to fully understand. The Guinness World Records team was so impressed, they made an online game starring him called “Basketball Bunny”.