On the first anniversary of demonetisation, a stand-up comedian remembered the time – not so very long ago – when all of us stood in lines outside banks and ATMs. Sundeep Sharma (video above) says that like most people, he was also confused about whether it was good for the country or not.

Through a rather unique analogy, he explains how India’s citizens are in a relationship with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is the ex-partner whom they wished they had not broken up with. He compares demonetisation to “walking into a glass door and slamming your head into it” – it’s painful and embarrassing.

But we endured because of vikas or development which was promised to us as a carrot on a stick, says Sharma. Other such inconveniences – Aadhar, GST and rising prices – also seem tempting because we see development as the light at the end of the tunnel.