A Canadian game developer has come up with a video game which is being criticised around the world for being blatantly racist and offensive. But that’s just what the company wanted. Because Big-O-Tree Games (for “bigotry”) believes that “being politically correct is so boring”, according to their website.

The game, called Dirty Chinese Restaurant, centres around a man named Wong Fu who has inherited a restaurant from his brother. In the trailers (above and below), Wong Fu is seen in the said restaurant, which is abundant with motifs of racial stereotypes.

Judging from the trailer, if you’re playing this game you must “ensure your top-notch eatery is always fully stocked with fresh provisions, has its bills paid, equipped with the most dedicated and hardworking staff, and is on its way to making the family business a wholesome household name in the community.”

Points are earned by Dumpster-diving for supplies, “hunting” stray cats and dogs with a meat cleaver, and running the kitchen at “sweatshop” speed. Tax evasion is encouraged, and immigration officials make Fu’s life difficult by deporting line cooks.

Big-O-Tree justifies the existence of this game by saying that they were “influenced by the classic politically incorrect shows like South Park and Family Guy we grew up watching” to create this game. Also, they “listen to Jay-Z”, so they should obviously be excused for developing the game.

But people are having none of this distasteful excuse of a satire. US Congresswoman Grace Meng blasted the game online, urging Google, Apple, Android, and any other platform to not carry it, “or any other game that glorifies in hurting any community.”