American talk show hosts had a single message after the Las Vegas mass shooting – an appeal to US President Donald Trump to do something about the gun control laws in the country. And they weren’t joking, obviously.

The Late Show host Stephen Colbert (above) began by admitting that jokes aren’t appropriate to “address the shock and grief and anger we feel.” He also said Americans cannot accept such unimaginable cruelty as a new normal. Colbert, who is usually a vocal critic of President Trump, agreed with his statement, calling this “an act of pure evil.”

He hoped that the US Congress would come together at a time like this, and work for the common good by putting their party agendas aside. “The bar is so low that Congress can be heroes by doing literally anything,” he said. “Doing nothing is cowardice, doing something, will take courage.” He reminded President Trump that this was his chance to do something to “Make America Great Again.”

James Corden (below), host of The Late Late Show, began by highlighting the brave work of the heroic first responders and medical professionals, and they did so simply because “that’s what people do” during times like these. “It’s what they did in Manchester, it’s what they did at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando last summer, in every city where a horrific attack takes place,” he said.

Reminding the American people that gun violence is extremely real, he reminded his viewers that “11,660 people have died from gun violence in the last 275 days in this country”. He ended on a sombre note, saying: “Some say it’s too early to talk gun control, but it’s far too late for Vegas victims.”


His voice choking, Jimmy Kimmel joined his counterparts in mourning the massacre.

Said Ellen DeGeneres during her show: “It’s also days like this when I appreciate my job more than ever, because I get to focus and shine a light on people who do good in the world.”

I think we are all feeling the same way today.

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