The first-ever 360-degree footage (above) of astronauts spacewalking has just been released by Russia’s State broadcaster RT, and it is every bit as incredible as one would have hoped. The video provides a vicarious experience of a day in the life of two Russian cosmonauts launching nano-satellites from outside the International Space Station (ISS).

It was filmed by cosmonauts Sergey Ryazansky and Fedor Yurchikhin in August 2017, while they went about their day’s work in outer space. The astronauts can be seen performing maintenance tasks and launching five miniature satellites, while spacewalking. The extravehicular activity (EVA) has also been filmed in 360 degree for the first time.

With breathtaking views of the Earth in the background, Ryazansky and Yurchikhin can be seen hurling a pair of Tanyusha nanosatellites, as well as a round Sputnik-like TS530-Zerkalo that will be taking measurements in low Earth orbit, into space.