After a royal decree issued by Saudi Arabia’s King Salman in September finally allowed women to drive, the Saudi band Most of Us made a music video encouraging women to drive. Band members Hasan Hatrash, Khalid Sharani, Amro Hawari and Amir Abbas, covered Steppenwolf’s famous anthem Born to Be Wild, with the words changed to: “Saudi girls will drive.”

The video (above) shows two men in traditional outfits in the back seat of a car, being driven by a woman driver to their studio, where the Jeddah-based band performs the celebratory cover song, using both English and Arab in their lyrics:

“(Sister) you will drive
Saudi girls will drive
Get your motor running
(Drive through the ring road)
(Do your own errands)
And whatever comes your way
Yeah ladies go make it happen
Take the wheel with a love embrace
No more driver, Uber or taxi
To take you any place.”

The video is interspersed with visuals of the woman appears in flashes, enjoying her freedom to “drive” wherever she wants. “The whole point was to celebrate the new legislation and the possibilities it brings not only for women but our society as a whole,” the band told Saudi Gazette, adding that they wanted to use a tone of purpose rather than rebellion.

A few years ago, another song by a Saudi man went viral for singing about women’s right to drive, in this cover of Bob Marley’s No Woman No Cry, aptly titled No Woman No Drive.