Scotland loves its Tunnock’s Teacakes. In fact, the country loves them so much that it decided to take its devotion up even further – literally. It has sent the sweet snack up into space.

Scientists from the Glasgow Science Centre (GSC) travelled all the way to Renfrewshire in Houston to send their teacake, named “Terry”, up into space. Unfortunately, “Terry” the Teacake didn’t make it into outer space, but it did fly as high as 37,007 metres with its hydrogen weather ballon, staying airborne for longer than two hours.

The launch of the teacake, and a summary of the incredible footage captured by the two cameras accompanying it, can be seen in the video above, while the original two-hour footage that was broadcast live on Facebook to thousands of viewers can be watched in the video below.

The chocolate, biscuit and meringue-based snack traveled across Glasgow, Scotland and more before waltzing back to earth and landing in a tree in Galloway Forest Park, still “pretty intact”. Sadly, no one ate it on landing.