Li was driving to work in Guangdong province’s Zhuhai, in China, on Tuesday morning, when a crane suddenly fell on top of his white Audi. The surveillance camera footage (above) shows the terrifying moment the arm of the crane completely crushed his moving car.

Miraculously, in spite of onlookers assuming the worst, the 29-year-old driver is seen sticking his head out of the car roof seconds later, even as a passer-by rushes to help. Li pulled himself out of the wreckage, seemingly unscathed by the devastating accident, and was rushed to the hospital.

“There was no sign at all and I think I was in a blind spot when the crane fell,” he told Daily Mail, “My mind went blank and I was holding the pain when I crawled out of the car.” The pain turned out to be from a fractured right ankle, and nothing more.

Though the incident is still being investigated by policemen, Sohu News reported that the crane had lost its balance and toppled, which caused the long arm to crash into Li’s car.