There are a number of menacing creatures that lurk beneath the ocean surface, but starfish are usually counted among the beautiful and harmless ones. However, a new video (above) that shows one of them “walking” across the beach might alter that perception a bit.

The starfish in the video was spotted by Zeb Hallock in Corolla, North Carolina in October 2012, though he didn’t upload the video until recently. The somewhat disconcerting spectacle of the starfish using hundreds of hair-like cilia on the underside of its body to “walk” on the beach was captured on camera at low tide, around 6pm.

“We noticed there were starfish walking around on the sand near the water. Some were in tide pools but some were just strolling on the sand, very very very slowly,” Hallock wrote in a note accompanying the video.

After capturing the footage, he and others on the beach helped relocate the starfish back to the ocean or tide pools. Considering the speed at which the creatures move, they certainly needed all the help they could get in getting back in the water.