A prank video of a man dressed as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in New York has attracted attention – for obvious reasons. It was posted by content creator QPark and features a lookalike, accompanied by a grim looking chaperone.

The video includes varied reactions from stunned people on the streets. With North Korea’s nuclear threat against the US hanging in the air, Kim Jong Un has become a recognisable figure even among normally insular people.

So, some onlookers were extremely excited when they spotted “Kim Jong Un” casually strolling along Harlem’s streets. Others even took pictures with the man.

Of course, many wondered whether New Yorkers actually fell for the prank or simply decided to play along and have some fun.

The impersonator walked straight into Trump Tower, asking for the American president. He was actually called “Rocket Man” by bystanders on the streets, referring to the nickname US President Donald Trump has used for him. Others asked themselves, “What’s he doing in America?”