Siri, a three-month-old puppy, was wandering around inquisitively in typical puppy-like fashion when she accidentally fell into tar left unattended at a construction site. She lay there unnoticed, starving, thirsty and unable to move or relieve herself, for days, until kind strangers finally found her. They rushed her to an animal charity that works towards the rescue and rehabilitation of injured and sick animals in Pune.

The tar was nearly solid by then and had resulted in painful bloating of the puppy’s stomach as well as fever and severe dehydration. However, the team at RESQCT quickly sprang into action and also documented the rescue effort in a heartening video (above). It took a few hours to fully separate the tar from the puppy’s fur and a few days to remove the severe side-effects of the tar, but the young one braved her way through and recovered completely.

Now, as you can watch in the video above, she is back to being a friendly, playful little puppy. The team at RESQCT nonetheless remind people in the video’s description, “Siri was lucky that she received timely treatment and attention, but there are several animals who don’t!” They encourage people to donate, share and volunteer to the cause for animals, and stress on the importance of an environment with reduced human-animal conflict. They also regularly post other animal rescue videos on their YouTube channel.