Radiohead has often been called one of the greatest bands of all time. After producing nine stellar albums, experimenting with a plethora of sounds, and building up a dedicated, borderline-fanatic fanbase – in spite of all efforts to evade popularity – the band leaves little to the imagination when it comes to listing the reasons for their reputation.

Still in doubt? Here’s a brief, whimsically animated history of Radiohead (above). As the makers boldly state, “Radiohead are more than a band: They’ve created a mythos.”

The video is presented by Radiohead’s “Modified Bear” from Kid A, and reverent middle-school students who contend that Radiohead is “the greatest band of all time”. The unusual presentation covers all nine of the group’s albums (each inevitably declared “the greatest album of all time”) before ultimately identifying what it thinks is the reason behind the band’s success:

“Making increasingly difficult albums that seemed almost intentionally designed to make them less popular, while still filling arenas full of fans with the intellect to recognise the music’s importance.”