“My freedom to live and choose and my freedom of privacy are not at your mercy,” sings classical musician TM Krishna, quoting Kabir along the way. Singer-activist Sofia Ashraf calls on people to “reject homogeneity...recognise heterogeneity.” Writer Perumal Murugan narrates a chilling story of dehumanising surveillance. And folk musicians Shital Sathe and Sachin Mali – Navayan Maha Jalsa – use the cadences of folk music to denounce Aadhaar.

These artists have come together to make a video asserting the right to privacy and to individual identity, and rejecting the national ID programme, Aadhaar. The video uses statements, songs and a reading in four languages – English, Hindi, Marathi, and Tamil – to deliver a message that has found new life after the Supreme Court, in a unanimous decision, ruled that that the right to privacy was a fundamental right protected under Article 21 of the Constitution, which upholds the right to life.

Privacy matters / அகவுரிமை பாட்டு / मेरी निजता मेरा हक़ is intended to serve as a reminder to all citizens that the Constitution – which is recommends further reading – enshrines, among other things, their right to choose what to eat, whom to pray to or not to pray at all, and whom they choose to love.