A heartbreaking video (above) shows a 10-year-old disabled girl being removed by armed border agents from a hospital in Texas. Rosa Maria Hernandez, who suffers from cerebral palsy, was brought from Mexico to a hospital in Corpus Christi, in the United States, for an emergency gall bladder surgery.

Although the Border Patrol allowed the girl and her adult cousin, who is a US citizen, to cross the checkpoints, they followed the hospital vehicle carrying them right to the hospital. They stood by and waited for the surgery to be completed, before escorting the young girl to a federal facility for unaccompanied minors illegally in the US, from where she could possibly be deported.

The US Customs and Border Protections said they were “committed to enforcing the immigration laws of this nation” reported Business Insider, and that once medically cleared, Rosa Maria would be processed accordingly. This means she will be held indefinitely at the facility, after which she could be released to a US approved sponsor or be deported – a process that could take several weeks.

Joaquin Castro, a Democrat Congressman, held the Trump administration responsible for the “callous policies” towards immigrants. “They’re treating her like a hardened convict,” he said, reported Business Insider. Many media channels in the US also called to question the actions of the ICE border agents, and questioned why they were more concerned with a disabled child who was certainly no threat to the country.