With the first anniversary of demonetisation almost here, a musical takedown was all but inevitable. Sure enough, it’s come in the form of Baar Baar Fenko, a take-off on the hit song Baar Baar Dekho from the 1962 film China Town.

Produced by a group named The Banned, the song is dedicated to “the biggest parody ever in India”. And it pulls no punches with its invocation to “vikas ke pita” (“father of development”) and a listing of the difficulties that people faced as a result of demonetisation. It takes a swipe at the Finance Minister too.

Governments seldom like being lampooned, but with a growing number of humorists poking fun at official policies, it might prove difficult to stem this tide, despite reports of pressure being built to gag such videos. Not that this is the first such effort. An early parody came soon after the original announcement, on November 8, 2016.