For days on end, merchants in Insaar Bazar in Panipat, Haryana, would drive to work on their motorcycles only to find their petrol tanks empty after work. Indignant, they decided to stake out the parking spaces to identify the culprit.

What they discovered was truly astonishing, for the miscreant turned out to be a monkey, as established by a video recording (above).

The thief would sit calmly next to the motorcycles every day, patiently waiting until the coast was clear. He would then tug on the supply pipe and chug some fuel.

Gaurav Leekha, who runs a volunteer organisation in the city, told UPI, “The monkey was clearly addicted to the petrol. It would refuse to eat even bananas and nuts if anyone offered it.” He added that the monkey wouldn’t trouble anyone or pose danger to humans, “as it was perhaps always high.”

The monkey stopped stealing the petrol once the merchants shooed him away from that particular parking area.