It is only in South Asia that one can revel in the sights of the divine Himalayas, the majestic Thar desert, and human beings finding the most ingenious ways to lug their cargo across the land.

In India, you might find a man loading a motorcycle on the roof of a bus, not with machinery or ropes, but by balancing it on his own head, as in the video above. With a flair for innovation, four men carefully lift the bike and place it on a man’s head. He then climbs up a ladder set against the bus while the motorcycle sits motionless in its position.

In another part of the subcontinent, two resourceful men in Pakistan decide that it is a good idea to use a similar trick to push a mule up to the roof. A video (below) shows the mule being tied up and while two men push the famously stubborn animal upwards, with another man on the roof of the bus tugging at the ropes.

Ingenuity at its best.