According to filmmaker Daniel McKee, Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece, the Mona Lisa, is visited by more than six million people each year at the Louvre in Paris. Many out of the six million take pictures of, and selfies with, what is perhaps the world’s best-known work of art.

Inevitably, many of those pictures are uploaded on social media sites like Instagram, where filmmakers like McKee can find them and apply their ingenuity.

So, here’s McKee’s short film Mona Lisa Selfie, a compilation of these photographs and selfies, set to Isaac Stern’s violin. McKee’s message, without being spelt out in as many words, is clear: we’re so obsessed with documenting our experiences that perhaps we don’t get all we can out of the experience itself.

Oh and if you’ve Instagrammed the Mona Lisa, you might just find yourself in this film.