It’s hard to believe that a schoolboy paused in the middle of the road to tie his shoelaces, only to be run over by a car. But that’s just what surveillance camera footage from the streets of Yueging County in Zhejiang Province, China, reveals.

Incredibly, and thankfully, the incident which took place on November 13 had a happy ending, thanks to passers-by.

As the video shows, the schoolboy has just bent over to tie his shoelaces when a white Mercedes-Benz turned around the corner – mercifully slowly – and, horrifically, ran over the boy. The woman driver, identified only as Pan, told Zhejiang News that she didn’t notice the boy until she heard him yell. It seems she was looking for a parking slot.

The area was all but deserted initially, but as the woman got out of the car and raised the alarm, passers-by ran up. Enough of them gathered to lift the front of the car off the ground, enabling the boy to emerge.

Miraculously, he was saved by his backpack, which had been wedged between him and the wheel. He got away with no

She immediately got out of the car to help the boy, who was completely submerged under the car, and was joined by many passers-by who rushed to help her to lift the car off the boy.

Luckily, the boy’s life was inadvertently saved by his backpack, which came under the tyre and stopped it from going any further, and the boy got away with no major injuries.

The woman wasn’t driving at a high speed, but has been charged for dangerous driving. She told Zhejiang News, “I’m really grateful that there are so many people helping me out. I wouldn’t know what to do if they were not around.”