Like many others, members of New York-based pop band MisterWives were devastated when Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. Lead singer Mandy Lee told Out Magazine, “The day after the election, we woke with swollen eyes filled with deep despair and heavy hearts.”

However, the hopelessness was outmatched by a need to use music to protest against hatred, oppression and bigotry – themes they very outspokenly cover in their new music video (above) for Oh Love.

The CGI-animated video portrays an apocalyptic world where Trump’s capitalistic, Twitter-manic followers have taken over, and feed a steady supply of hate-fuelled roots to “crown the devil a winner”. Trump is portrayed as the Charging Bull from Wall Street, which has come to symbolise capitalism and greed.

The lyrics are bleak...

“Lifted the veil, we’re all sinners
Crowned the devil a winner
And you tell me that, it’ll be just fine
Scarier than any bad dream
Can’t wake up from his regime
So don’t tell me to sit down and dine


Excuse my pessimistic tone, I normally can do better
But the battle to keep my light burning seems harder than ever
These walls of hate will suffocate, and one by one we will deflate
So this I cry and this I pray, our card will trump and you will break.”

...though the song ends on a positive note.