Racking up over 30 million views and counting, this video depicts a scintillating race over a winding, complicated dirt track that includes diversions, ramps and even a tunnel. The contest is accompanied by rousing commentary on the whole event.

As everyone who’s watched it knows, the competing “vehicles” are just a bunch of colourful marbles with names like Tarantula, Marbly McMarbleface, Wisp of Darkness, and Pollo Loco. It’s just that most of us didn’t know marble-racing is a sport.

The person responsible for the marble run is Jelle Bakker, the marble master. The 33-year-old from Amersfoort, Holland, has a form of autism and finds making marble runs and the courses soothing. He’s been doing it for 10 years, and posting his work for all to see on his YouTube channel. He’s been creating and hosting the marble runs for so long that he has even started his own “MarbleLympics”.