Why would anyone want to have their hair shaped as a portrait of Donald Trump? Apparently, someone does (video above), which is where Allen Chen, a hair stylist from Taiwan, comes in.

The man behind the “hair tattoo”, as he calls it, shaved and trimmed a client’s hair at XB Hair 沙龍ζ in Changhua, so that a likeness of the American president became visible. His tools? A set of clippers, some hair dye, and a photograph for reference. You can actually observe the entire, er, hair-raising process in the set of videos below.

It’s not just Trump, but a variety of figures that Chen has created with people’s hair. like Bruce Lee, Mickey Mouse, Annabelle, the Buddha, and even Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, as you can watch in the videos below that were posted on the salon’s Facebook page. Each design takes him about three hours to complete. He can also create “hair tattoos” of a client’s loved one if they bring in pictures.