The story of Cola the dog is the perfect example of the cruelty and kindness of the human race. Formerly a street dog, Cola’s front legs were cruelly hacked off by a man in Bangkok, Thailand with a sword. Why? Because he chewed on the man’s shoes.

The pup would have died if he hadn’t been rushed to the vet, but he lost his front legs nonetheless. All that remained were two amputated stumps. Fortunately, Cola was rescued after his attack by John Dalley – who also founded “Soi Dog”, a Thailand-based foundation that helps strays – and his wife.

They took him to Phuket and got him prosthetic legs, which were unfortunately rather heavy and encumbered his movements. But finally, more than a year after he was attacked, Cola can finally run and play like he used to, thanks to brand new ‘blade runner’ prosthetics.

The lightweight carbon-fibre prosthetic blades were made famous by Paralympian runner Oscar Pistorius, and are now helping Cola get a new lease of life. They were customised for him by orthopaedist Bendt Soderberg, who works at a hospital in Phuket. Cola is possibly the first dog to have these prosthetics.