Video by: Khabar Lahariya

According to the latest National Crime Records Bureau data, crimes against women in India increased 83% from 1,85,312 in 2007 to 338,954 in 2016. Meanwhile, the conviction rate for these crimes in 2016 was the lowest in the decade at 18.9%.

Uttar Pradesh reported the most number of crimes against women among all states and union territories. However, many cases of violence against women in the state simply go unreported. In Bundelkhand, families of the victims prefer to cooperate and compromise with the perpetrators for money in lieu of avoiding legal recourse. Alleged murders of women are swept under the carpet under an achingly ubiquitous tradition called ‘Samjhauta’.

This report by Khabar Lahariya shows how the compromises are reached and why the victims’ families prefer a monetary cop out instead of pursuing legal recourse when it comes to murder and rape cases against women.