Jordan Wilson was all of 13 when he decided to do something very unusual. Even before the selfie became an art form, he decided to take a photograph of himself, in the same pose, from the same angle and distance, every single day for the next ten years of his life.

Wilson began on December 25, 2007, and went all the way up to December 25, 2017. From age 13 years, 5 months to age 23 years, 5 months. The result is the stop-motion style video above. Frankly, you can’t stop watching.

One of the things viewers watch out for is Wilson’s hairstyle. Would he ever change it from the bowl style with which he began? As one comment put it, “Half my motivation to finish the video was to see his hairstyle finally change. By then I was invested.”

No wonder this 4 minute-20 second video has been watched over a million times on YouTube alone.