Imagine living in a city drowning in so much garbage that even the toothpaste we use is dirty and unhygienic. Considering the rate at which garbage is allowed to accumulate around us, we may not have to imagine this scenario soon.

Until then, though, here are some of the residents of “Kachrapur” (Garbage City), singing their woes. In this video above, made by ACEE Studios in association with the Children’s Film Society in India, children from poorer families in Patna come together to write and perform a hip-hop song warning us of the danger of drowning in garbage.

From segregation to timely clearance, there is a lot that both citizens and civic authorities can do to tackle the garbage problem, which is already gargantuan in its proportion. It’s a shame that children have to speak up – or, as in this case, sing up – to remind the adults.