Steven Spielberg’s adventure classic Jurassic Park offered a host of extraordinary first-time experiences, including amazing special effects and terrifying – and very real – dinosaurs.

Could anything top that?

Turns out it could. Specifically, a video (above) of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, conducting an orchestra playing the theme from Jurassic Park. To be sure, it’s a human in an inflatable T-Rex costume conducting the theme played in the film during its most memorable moment, when the humans first come across the dinosaurs on the island.

But so what? It’s still a moment you live for. Even if it took some time to surface. The performance dates back to a performance by the Colorado Symphony at Comic Con in March, 2017.

Here is a slightly longer video of the performance, from a different angle.


Turns out, this wasn’t the only time it happened either. The Memphis Symphony pulled off a similar caper, which was just as exciting.