We all remember what has been called one of 2017’s most memorable moments – the hilarious moment when Professor Robert Kelley’s interview with BBC was interrupted by his adorable children (bottom).

Well, 2018 has already had its “BBC Dad” moment, except this time it’s “Al-Jazeera Dad”. The Qatar-based media network proudly posted a video (above) on Twitter with the caption, “We just had a BBC moment on live TV”.

This time it was host Sohail Rahman interviewing Daniel Smith-Rowsey, an adjunct professor and film historian at St Mary’s College of California, about the protest at the Golden Globes and Hollywood’s Time’s Up movement on Al Jazeera English, when they were distracted by an unexpected guest – the professor’s little son.

“Umm, that’s my child, excuse me,” said the interviewee on Skype, nervously laughing when his son popped into view. However, much to everyone’s joy, the TV host took it all in stride and even welcomed five-year-old Rainier, fondly known as “Razor”, to join the interview, which he did gladly.

Razor graciously added to the evening’s entertainment by running a toy car down his father’s shoulder, and promptly responded with a “yes” when his father asked him if he agreed with his opinion on Hollywood.

Smith-Rowsey told Today that he forgot to lock the door and tried to make the best of the situation. He added, “Razor and I had never discussed protocol about this, so I hoped against hope that he would sense that he shouldn’t be on camera.”

Some people on Twitter, however, are hoping this becomes a regular affair. One went so far as to write, “Can this be a thing? Adorable kids in the background would make the news a lot more bearable!”