You’ve heard of opera singers hitting notes high enough to shatter glass effortlessly. As it turns out, even untrained singers can do it with their own voice. Well, one can, anyway.

YouTube vlogger Dianna Cowern, who calls herself Physics Girl, took up the challenge (video above). She also gave viewers a glimpse into the science behind the whole thing. Luckily, there are cheat codes too.

Cowern’s video has received many compliments and a good deal of analysis from viewers. A commentator wrote, “Hi Dianna, I measured the frequency at 6:57 to be 649 Hz, just as the wine glass broke (using a tuning app). It’s interesting, you were singing at 652 +/- 1 Hz from 6:47-6:55 and then dropped to about 642 Hz up to 649 Hz. As soon as you hit 649 Hz, the glass broke. So maybe that is the resonant frequency.” We believe you.