Have you ever had one of those mornings where you wake up to find nothing but some stale leftovers and scraps in your fridge, so you decide to head out in your flying bathtub to the nearest bakery to pick up a sandwich?

Of course you haven’t, because 20-year-old German twins Johannes and Philipp Mickenbecker only just invented the world’s first “flying bathtub”, the unusual contraption captured in the video above. And yes, the flying bathtub is as absurd and delightful as it sounds, almost as if it were picked out of one of the earlier Harry Potter books or a Pixar movie.

The unusual flying object uses drone technology for the manned flight, and is capable of carrying a person during flight. The multicopter, as the brothers who go by the name ofThe Real Life Guys on YouTube, called it, is real and functional. The video below shows how it was created and tested in the first place.


Sadly, even though the idea of a tub capable of sustaining flight is appealing and almost magical, the YouTubers clarified at the end of the video (in German) that they may have used a dummy for some of the shots. Rest assured, the flying tub is real – just not as powerful or perfect yet as it might appear on the video.

Knowing the twins’ reputation and their fascination with vehicular bathtubs – they’ve previously turned a bathtub into a snowmobile, a submarine, a rocket and a multi-terrain vehicle – they should be travelling around town in the flying bath tub soon.