No millennial will believe it, but they do have a reputation for being self-obsessed, glued to personal devices, and under the impression that the world owes them a living. And while that is obviously an exaggeration, sometimes the hat does fit.

So what happens when one such person shows up for a job interview? The video above is a humorous sketch, but it does hit the nail on the head frequently. An interview is a stressful encounter for someone who isn’t yet comfortable “adulting”, as the millennials themselves put it. And it brings out the best – or worst – in everyone.

The generation has been called out by former US Vice President Joe Biden for thinking they have it easy. The young woman in the video sitting across from an older man, who is patiently trying to catch her attention while she scrolls away on her phone, seems to exemplify Biden’s views. No malice intended.

The film, written by Written by Ralph Odierna and directed and produced by Daniel Brea, features Melissa Tucker and Tom Katsis in the two roles.