As Donald Trump was boarding Air Force One to go to his Florida golf resort, Mar-A-Lago, for the weekend, a gust of wind had other plans for his hair, which flew off the back of his head, revealing the extent of his baldness.

Like hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, American talk show host Jimmy Kimmel also watched the viral video and mocked Trump’s “flying” hair on his television show. Trump’s hair has been the butt of jokes by Jimmy Kimmel in the past as well but this time, he and his staff asked hair experts and stylists what they thought about Trump’s hairdo.

Some laughed politely, while others didn’t hold back on their reactions in the video (above). “That looks like the backside of a dog”, says one hairstylist. Some even gave their professional opinion on how to manage his hair – lots of pomade or else shave it all off – and we hope Trump was watching.